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Kenya, The Church and the 2010 referendum
Written by Site Scribe   
Tuesday, 13 April 2010
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ImageIt has been a while since we last had the opportunity to discuss matters affecting the Church in Kenya. This time we find ourselves sticking out like a sore thumb while most of those who stood with the Church in 2005 hold a different view.
In the humble opinion of this website’s scribe the Church finds itself in this predicament largely because we are in a country that has stubbornly refused to accept and address the real issue. Everything in recent politics is a result of an accord signed by two people we’ve come to refer to as principles. As a nation, we have largely assumed that those who negotiated this accord knew what was best for this country. At the back of everyone’s mind we want as much as possible to avoid a recurrence of 2007 in 2012. The negotiators of this accord assumed that by solving all of Kenya’s problems within a period of less than 5 years, disaster will be avoided in 2012. This is why we want to try people in the Hague; finish off with the truth, justice and reconciliation commission; and amend the constitution (each of this processes would separately take more than 5 years) within the stipulated time. 2007 in my humble opinion was occasioned by a clueless government and a reckless opposition to put it in a few words. The key to sorting out the violence lies in detaching politicians’ ambitions from the sentimental value their communities attach to them (we will belabor this point in detail at a later date).
Meanwhile those who have made up their mind to vote yes are persuaded by fatigue. Many want this matter of the constitution (which began sometime in 1990s) to be over and done with. This is why the clergy might have a hard time persuading their own flock. In passing the constitution as it is and disposing with all the agendas in the 2008 peace accord my fear is we might find that despite all our efforts we've not dealt with the real issue. God Bless Kenya!
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The Christian Classroom
Written by Site Scribe   
Friday, 10 July 2009
Where is the love
Where is the Love
Receive your miracle, Get your praise on, Be all you can be, Tap into your fullest potential, Awaken the giant in you, … typical sermon titles in your average Church and if you missed out on one in the sermon series, buy the tape or DVD. If you’re joining us in the middle, that’s a whole stack of DVDs. Like any typical classroom, we have exams regularly (indeed daily) and they’re foolproof (or are they). It’s not impossible for example, to gauge how far you’ve tapped into your fullest potential. While aiming for the mark, there’s hardly time for niceties and if you walked in here seeking to be loved well……
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Broadening Horizons
Written by Site Overseer   
Thursday, 18 June 2009
We proudly announce the next frontier in the evolution of Since inception in December2006, we have majored in articles pertaining to Christianity in Kenya which was logical given that this is where the site is based. In the beginning of 2009, a year's work of significantly changing the site was completed. In line with the new approach, articles from this point onward will attempt to appeal to a much wider audience.
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